Why is Tru-Scapes Landscape Lighting the perfect fit for the Hardscape and Outdoor Living industry?

Outdoor low voltage lighting has been a growing trend for landscape designers and installers across America to include with their products and service offerings. The value that Tru-Scapes Lighting can provide to an outdoor living space is far more than the cost to purchase and install a lighting package.

We offer a high quality, affordable and simple product line of the landscape, hardscape and deck lights for contractors and dealers that do not wish to offer an array of SKU’s. We make it easy. Our product line is designed to fit and completely light up any outdoor living area. Our landscape, hardscape and deck lights all operate from the same power source and provide the same light beam color visually matching the entire outdoor living space.

Why is light color matching so important?

When LED lights first came to market, most fixtures were a bright white, almost blue colored LED. As LEDs evolved over the years they are now offered in multiple light colors. In the outdoor living industry most designers and installers prefer to use a color temperature (Kelvin) between 2400 Kelvin (K) and 3000K. Problem with the that: Deck builders use the deck lighting offered from the deck store and landscapers offer lighting from the landscape supply yard. Chances of having different colored light output is very common. Tru-Scapes Lighting is offered at 2700K which is a warm colored white light output. We found that 2700K provides the perfect light color output and setting.

What is Kelvin?


Kelvin (K) is a measurement of light color temperature. Color temperature is a way to describe the light appearance provided by a light bulb or LED. Kelvin temperature scale ranges from 1,000 – 10,000. The color temperature of a bulb or LED is assigned based on correlated color temperature (CCT) which can vary the color of Kelvin.

Can I connect my Landscape Lights with my Deck Lights?

Most deck lighting is ran from a DC transformer power source while landscape lighting is ran from an AC transformer power source. Why?

Well to keep this simple, LEDs require DC current however DC current will lose power faster over a longer run which makes AC a better option for landscape lighting. For deck lighting, it is not common to run long distances like it does with landscape lighting installations making DC current manageable for deck lighting.

So to answer the question, Yes! Tru-Scapes Lighting fixtures are compatible with both AC and DC currents allowing our products to be installed from the same power source on the same line. We recommend using our Tru-Scapes AC transformers when installing our lighting products.

The Tru-Scapes Difference:

Our Landscape Lights are solid brass tool-less fixtures that are offered in both Black and Bronze colors. All fixtures include an LED bulb, heavy duty ground stake and 2 gel filled wire connectors in the box ready for installation. We found that including everything that is needed in the box prevents our dealers from stocking too many accessory products and allows our contractors to have everything they need for installing our products.

Our Deck Lights include a standard post cap light, hidden screw riser lights and our patented Tru-Post products. Our Tru-Post accessories include a stainless-steel torch, coco liner planter and our LED deck and fence lights. We offer custom post caps to fit the most common fence and deck railing posts in the industry including the Trex Transcend railing. We also offer our patent pending universal wood mount.

Our development team is working hard to design and build new and innovative products for the outdoor living industry. Stay tuned to www.tru-scapes.com as we will be introducing some new products soon.

Complete your Outdoor Living Space with Tru-Scapes!